The role of a Will Writer is a very personal one, as the relationship between our clients, their personal wishes and the guidance we provide is often a mix of trust and confidence bound together by our depth of technical knowledge and wide ranging experience

Welcome to Aspen Wills & Protection

After over 26 years providing regulated financial advice, we created a bespoke service and company designed to guide you through the often compex nature of Will Writing, Trust Planning and Later Life Borrowing.

The combination of companies provides the ability to bring together expertise and experience gathered from the wide-ranging disciplines within the financial services industry, incorporating the sophisticated knowledge required when navigating through the complexities of our fast changing industry, together with the skills to understand your needs and how the tools available to us, best meet your objectives

We are a local company, our staff live locally and we believe in remaining a local business.  The key to our longevity has and will always be in creating a strong and sustainable business, clients can rely on