Power of Attorney

Giving you power – not taking it away

If there is one thing I have experienced in my years as an adviser, it is the plain and simple fact that life does not always go according to plan.
I work with many clients who rely on family and friends to take them shopping, to the bank, organise bills etc. It is no secret that not enough of us make a Will. Therefore, it is even more unsurprising that even less of us make a Living Will.
Things to think about;
  • If you were incapacitated how would you manage your finances
  • If you could not sign something important….who would
  • If you were in hospital for a drawn-out period, how would you communicate with your bank, utility providers, benefits agencies, mortgage company………and so on
  • What if it was long-term – dementia, incapacity and the requirement of long-term care is more relevant now, more than ever.  You will need someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf

I don't need a Power of Attorney yet

Care Home fees
  • Who chooses the type of care when you cannot
  • Before a house is sold to pay fees, Attorneys can organise equity release mortgages to keep the home in the family as long as possible
  • How important is it to make sure someone you trust can monitor the care you are receiving
  • How important is it that you and your family can get advice on paying for fees from your pensions and investments and how they should be re-structured as your needs change
Unexpected hospital stay

I recently provided guidance to a family, where their elderly Aunt had a fall and was in hospital for 9 weeks. During this time, the household bills needed to be paid. They needed to visit the Post Office to get her pension, deposit it with her bank, discuss her care and recovery with doctors and eventually work with the NHS to make changes to her home, so that she could return to some independence

Advanced Directive
  • Difficult decisions often need making
  • A Health & Welfare LPA can override a previous Living Will or Advance Directive if it expressly extends to lifesaving treatment
  • The Health & Welfare LPA form joins both the welfare and medical decisions and so, you can seperate them or exclude one over the other
Managing your money
  • Property & Financial Affairs powers authorises Attorneys to make decisions about selling propert, managing your money and investments
  • They can run your business and make decisions about payment of healthcare
  • You can place legally binding restrictions and conditions on Attorney’s powers and the scope of authority they have