Fair & Simple Pricing

Many firms make additional charges for clauses, such as Child Trusts, Memorandum of wishes and so on.

The Will we create is designed to make sure your bloodline is included, even making provision for, as yet unborn children and grandchildren.

We include your nominated Guardians and Trusts for Minor children or specific ages at which children can inherit

All Guardians, Trustees and Executors will recieve notifications of their roles and useful information for reference

Mirror Wills                                              £299.00

These suit couples who wish to create Wills that are virtually identical, where each member of the couple leaves their estate to the other one

Single Will                                               £199.00

Designed to suit someone who wishes to make specific gifts and legacies not necessarily linked to any other persons Will

Trusts and Related Products

Family Trust                                              £399

Business Trust                                         £399

Interest in Possession Trust                £249

Assignment fees                                     £149

Expression of wish                                 £99


Lasting Power of Attorney

Individual Power                                     £199

(Health & welfare or Property & Financial affairs)

Both powers at same time                   £349


Complex cases

We realise that individual circumstances can be quite complex

We work with many familes which have been visited by divorce, further marriages and so on

Where there might be a number of factors to incorporate, we will always confirm additional fees if the work required falls outside of our normal expectations

Quotations are always available on request